Navigating the COVID landscape to keep our children safe has left parents weary. Yet, our fatigue pales in comparison to what the parents of Ukraine are experiencing.

We read daily about the horrors overseas. A young girl losing her arm in a bombing. Shrapnel piercing the scalp of a toddler and killing him. Putin’s bombing of a maternity ward crushing a pregnant woman’s pelvis, killing her and her baby.

Families are being torn apart and wiped out to satisfy the ego of a mad man.

It is unbearable to witness these horrors and yet we can’t look away. Bearing witness and speaking up is one way to pressure our elected officials to do more. The horrific murder of children and families is tragic enough on its own, but the outcome of this war will also have long-lasting consequences for our children’s future.

For, indeed, the children of Ukraine, Syria, and Yemen are ours. The children of the world are our responsibility and their suffering is our suffering. So we march on. We keep our children fed and clothed and loved and collapse at the end of the day, exhausted, as we stare down another day of world-wide crises that seep into our homes and our hearts.

What will you tell our children of the world when they ask you how you helped in this pivotal moment in time?


We implore you, our neighbors, to send one email to our elected officials. It needn’t be perfect. Tell them how war makes your heart ache. Tell them how you hug your child closer these days. Tell them you dream for a better world for your children and what is happening in Ukraine scares you.

War is a bigger problem than any one of us can solve, but we can all do something.

Kalie Hess


Amy Fuller


Stephanie Sienkiewicz


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