CANAAN — A 23-year-old man was charged with terrorizing over the weekend after police say he aimed a weapon at a van while driving along Hinckley Road in Canaan.

Garret Cote, of Canaan, was summonsed Sunday on the charge, according to Somerset County sheriff’s Chief Deputy Michael Mitchell.

Police received a complaint of shots fired on Hinckley Road at about 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Mitchell said.

The driver of a brown construction van was traveling with his child along the road when he saw a green Toyota Camry being driven erratically in the opposite direction and swerving into the opposite lane, authorities said.

“The driver (of the Camry) was reportedly driving erratically and believed to be texting,” Mitchell said.

After the driver of the van honked his horn at the Camry, it turned around, almost striking the van, and started following.


Mitchell said the Camry passed the van, with the driver displaying a weapon. He identified the driver of the Camry as Cote.

“The situation escalated to road rage when (Cote) covered his face and displayed what the driver of the van thought was an AR-15 rifle,” Mitchell said. “The driver (of the van) met deputies at the Irving gas station in Canaan. He was in fear of his life and his son’s life.”

Authorities determined no shot had been fired during the altercation.

Cote was located about an hour later by deputies at his grandmother’s residence in Canaan. Officers confiscated an Umarex Air Javelin from Cote, according to Mitchell. The Air Javelin is an air rifle that fires arrows.

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