I am writing in response to Pat Truman’s July 14 letter to the editor about abortion (“Nation must atone for its abortion legacy“). First, Truman refers to abortion as “killing children.” Killing children is already illegal in all 50 states and is not up for debate. As such, if you know of someone planning on killing a child you should call the police immediately.

Second, looking at abortion from a religious perspective other than Truman’s, the Catholic, United Methodist and Southern Baptist churches are some of the most conservative denominations in their stances on abortion.

This suggests a concern for the welfare of children. However, the same denominations are all embroiled in decades- to centuries-long abuse scandals that have collectively cost them approaching $10 billion to pay for the sexual appetites of their clergy for children.

These folks dare to force their beliefs on unprepared, unwilling and/or sexually abused girls and women who are carrying embryos and fetuses just as they enabled the coverup of child sex abuse through denial, silence, or worse for decade after decade.

That, frankly, is mind-boggling.


Mark Nordberg


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