In response to Mark Nordberg’s July 23 letter, “Pro-life churches condone child abuse,” first I must say that — on its face — this is a lie.  And I’m surprised that the KJ would resort to such duplicity for a title.

In this way, Nordberg is “helped” to skillfully replace and argue my letter on abortion with another competing issue — the terrible and horrible church scandals. These are obviously more sensational and easier to debate. No defending posture is necessary.

No one in their right mind “condones” child abuse. And I am certainly not ignoring the sexual abuse of our altar boys and seminarians by predators within our churches. It’s heinous and it has been going on for many years. Other entities and organizations must also bear such shameful blame.

But abortion is still the ultimate form of child abuse. And even though Nordberg appears to be more comfortable with the term “fetus” regarding abortion, it doesn’t change the outcome. Be it a baby, or a fetus, or an embryo, the result is the same. We are not killing puppies, or kittens, or baby calves. We are killing human babies. Abortion is the legal killing of children. My letter stands.


Pat Truman


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