As Colby College continues to “revitalize” Waterville to meet its standards, I appreciate the opportunity to provide a resident’s input. To increase residential support for this phase of “revitalization,” it is important for us to be included. May we be heard.

An article in the Sentinel indicates a mix of commercial, business, and residential buildings is being considered for The Concourse. Regardless of what is added, businesses that are currently in The Concourse should be allowed to remain without a significant rent increase. Add whatever Colby wants, but protect businesses that have been part of our community for years (e.g., Yardgoods, The Villager) and businesses that many residents depend on (e.g., Save-A-Lot, Dollar Tree, Dollar General). Do not allow “progress” to overtake need.

Housing should be designated as “affordable” as opposed to “market rate.” With real estate prices soaring, average people are finding it hard to find an affordable place to live. Be cognizant of this so as not to price people out.

Making any addition that will bring people to The Concourse requires careful planning for snow removal. Instead of leaving this responsibility to the store owner, the city’s public works crew needs to be expanded to do a thorough job of snow removal. This includes clearing the sidewalks with careful attention paid to intersections, so all snow berms are cleared.

“Revitalization” is important as long as those changes are beneficial to the people who live and work here.


Linda Woods


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