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Yes, I did review “Bad Sisters” last week, and this is a second look.

I rarely do “second looks,” but “Bad Sisters” annoyingly streams once a week on Fridays, and after watching the show on its next appearance, and reading my original copy, I realized how unfairly cursory it was.

A second look at actor/writer Sharon Horgan’s “dark Irish comedy thriller series” on Apple TV+, based on Flemish series “Clan” originally created by Malin-Sarah Gozin, showed me a clever seed beautifully replanted in Ireland’s “dark” soil, where watered by the sodden Irish climate, and the work of five talented women, it appears to be flourishing.

As the kid brother of four “good” Irish sisters, I should have paid more attention, ain’t it always the way?

“Bad Sisters” reveals the proverbial Irish gift for hiding dark surprises under a comic hat, so I took that rare second look at the stunning performances of each of the women involved who kept pushing themselves to the front of the line. Got it.

The men in the cast, as mentioned before: Daryl McCormack as the “good” Clafffin brother, has little to do (so far) but distance himself from over-the-top comic zealousness of his desperate brother Thomas (Brian Gleeson.)


Claes Bang, a good actor as JP, who first appears in his coffin, has to be so evil as to motivate the sister’s desperate action, yet is dangerously close to becoming a cartoonish villain.

Assaad Bouab, who starred in the popular “Call My Agent” has little (so far) to do here but flirt with sister Eva, but keep your eye on him. They didn’t hire Assaad to be wallpaper.

But my second look, and actually, a third intensive viewing, it’s the women, the “Bad” Garvey sisters: Eve (“Catastrophe”), Grace (“Shameless”), Becka (“Papillon”), Ursula (“Last Kingdom,” ) and Bibi (“Dublin Murders”) who really impressed me.

They all have impressive resumes and solid futures in film.

I insist, if you have not yet treated yourself to “Bad Sisters,” do so at once.

J.P. Devine of Waterville is a former stage and screen actor.

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