WATERVILLE — Temple Academy has announced its first quarter honor roll for the 2022-23 academic year.

Grade 12 — Highest honors: Mya Chadburn, Bell-Anna Desrosiers, Nedjee Dezy Kaylan Haber and Grace Paradis.

High honors: Lou Benitez, William Dumond, Shivon Larsen and Katelyn Rose.

Grade 11 — Highest honors: Hunter Bussell, Ruoshi Hu and Maxwell Smith.

High honors: Paul Monzat.

Honors: Anthony Isgro, Ainslie Milewski, Sarah O’Hara, Ava Ryan and Caleb Sherwood.


Grade 10 — Highest honors: Lucy Bonacci, Owen Chadburn, Briley Dixon, Mia Fitzpatrick, Peyton Reckards, Devon Tanner, Alexander Tompkins and Sage Ullrich.

High honors: Charity Dow, Holly Lindeman and Noah Mathews.

Honors: Karissa Dewitt, Addison Frank, Josiah Lewin, Ricardo Louis, Keira Rancourt and Dixie Szabo.

Grade 9 — Highest honors: Carmen Corey, Timothy Dow, Deetra Simoneau, Isabelle Tompkins and Logan Whitney.

Honors: Joseph Dow, Karis Louis and Meredith Thompson.

Grade 8 — Highest honors: Knowlen Dixon, Henry Lindeman, Jamie Poissonnier, Zachary Rancourt and Melanie Thompson.


High honors: Cody Grondin.

Honors: Tristan Box, Gunner Bussell, Anaya Harrington, Sofia Isgro, Thomas Poissonnier, Natalie To, Saylor Tribou, Rebecca Wiles and Liam Willey.

Grade 7 — Highest honors: Madelyn Corey, Macy Ouellette and Claire Sherwood.

High honors: Gideon McGee.

Honors: Cody Connell, Dylan Dodge, Ava Foster, Brandon Neagle and Kailynne O’Neill.



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