I want to applaud two letters that were in the KJ recently, “How can ‘American’ be a harmful word?” and “Liberals take away middle ground”. Both gentlemen said it exactly right. They both alluded to a Communist “double speak” and the effects of its propaganda permeating our news media.

To the uninitiated and the uninformed, stuff that is usually slanted to the left would probably not be deemed outright “propaganda” but merely “news” items. That’s what people were effectively told in Hitler’s Germany; they got their “news” from a controlled media.

One such example of glossing over liberal sentiment is the recent release of Brittney Griner from Russian custody. It was hailed as a great win. However, what of former U.S. Marine Paul Whelan? He has been falsely imprisoned since 2018, and shamefully left behind. And he isn’t the only one. Zack Shahin, who has been imprisoned since 2008, is rotting away in a jail in Dubai. According to his wife, it is more like a deplorable dungeon and he is dying. Where is all the press, verbiage, and concern over this outrage? Have these men been completely abandoned by our State Department?

It leads one to think that, apparently, LGBTQ athlete Griner is in a more privileged status. Incidentally, she is the very individual who said decried our national anthem being played at sports venues. Has her stance changed since coming home to freedom? Or is she still buying the lefty propaganda?

Indeed, wake up America!


Pat Truman


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