This is my response to the letter, “‘Woke policy taking US down the wrong path” (Feb. 3).

No rose-colored glasses here. Just eyes wide open to the real world. That’s what woke is. The letter writer is trying to make it a dirty word. Well it’s not. It’s not a world filled with conspiracy theories of evil rich men and medical civil servants trying to bring us down to third-world status. That’s right up there with the stolen presidential election and vaccines killing everyone.

Instead of pointing out our differences and trying to tear us apart, the writer would be better served finding our similarities and bringing us together. Try addressing real issues like war, poverty, hunger, the lack of medical coverage, pollution and fair wages. Keep your Bronze Age philosophy inside your tax-free buildings. The world has enough real problems without inventing ones.

By the way, “going to hell in handbasket” derives from the 18th century, with heads rolling into baskets from the guillotine and their owners going straight to hell.

Well, there is no hell and we’ve advanced as a species. Join us.

Daryl S. Shaw


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