“Reproductive rights” and L.D. 1619 have dominated the news lately and rightly so; because people in Maine deserve to know all the information surrounding legislation such as this.

Pro-abortion speakers and their allies have tried to dress up L.D. 1619 as merely “health care” and concern for “reproductive rights.” However, the unvarnished truth is more real and terrible, not only for the fully developed baby, but for the mother as well. Removing the time constraints for performing abortions, and the lowering of medical standards, do present more risks.

For example, one of the witnesses who was invited to testify for this bill was Dr. Shannon Carr, a Maine OB/GYN. In her testimony, she called late-term abortion “life-saving care.”  But back in 2017, according to reporting from the Maine Wire, “Carr authorized and participated in a late-term abortion on a 24-weeks-pregnant Albuquerque, N.M., woman who would later die from complications related to her abortion.”

These are the possible and unintended consequences when women think that abortion is their answer. Dear ladies, please choose life for you and your baby.

Pat Truman


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