Abortion is freedom and without freedom there is no democracy. A sustainable and thriving democracy assures that everyone has the right to bodily autonomy, which includes the right to have children and the right to not have children.

Everyone has the right to safe, affordable, comprehensive, unbiased and medically accurate reproductive health care, including abortions. Abortions must be accessible in all our communities so people don’t have to worry about how far or where they have to travel to or the time they might have to spend away from family and work. And no one should worry about feeling shame or stigma because they have chosen to have an abortion.

We must be able to access resources for full reproductive healthcare in order to live our lives on our own terms and thrive. L.D. 1619, An Act to Improve Maine’s Reproductive Privacy Act, which gives people the ability to make the decision to have abortions with their medical provider based on truthful, unbiased, shame-free information, makes this happen.

Please tell your state legislators to support this bill — because this is what democracy looks like.

Elayne Richard


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