There is a nation that is accused of having unfair and stolen elections. Their elections are considered “a joke “ to 30% of their people.
The nation also is accused of using the arms of its government to persecute and prosecute political opponents.

Now many readers think these accusations are for Russia, China, North Korea or Iran. Actually these characterizations are for the United States of America. The accusers are the former president and his followers. They want the world to know that we have elections that are easily rigged and that opponents to the government in power will be punished for their political views regardless of their guilt.

Some will say, “We believe that the government in office now is corrupt. Only one party is corrupt!”. But if someone considered incompetent by the accusers, can pull this off, certainly any other person in power can do so.

Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are all very happy to hear that the USA is no better than they are. And the democracies of the world are truly going to struggle with the “beacon for democracy “ under such scrutiny by their own people. Authoritarian proponents see this as a defeat of democratic principles.

If we really believe that elections are not fair, and our votes don’t matter, many people may not show up in 2024. The next presidential term will be a true statement of who Americans are in a turbulent world with freedom in the balance. We better get it right!


Tom Turner


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