It was with interest that I read your article about the rising Neo-Nazi presence seeking a larger foothold in Maine (Aug. 23). The recent demonstration in Augusta was no big surprise because the group grows itself by generating conflict and drama to attract new members. The most telling point in the article for me was the fact that the demonstration was over in about an hour, being observed by local authorities but otherwise ignored by the local community and Mainers generally.

This is the proper response from a community that sees no need for some racial purity movement. True, we are a largely white community, but it isn’t because we are not welcoming to strangers who may be a bit different physically or culturally. We have strong English, Scottish, Irish, and French heritage in our history and a rather robust and active presence by the Wabanaki, on whose ancestral lands we all reside.

Many different cultures from around the world have local communities in Maine and we celebrate this. If these people want to get back to racially pure roots, perhaps they should pack themselves off to where their ancestors originally came from and set up housekeeping there.


John Seksay


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