Kudos to Albion officials for establishing a moratorium on utility lines and corridors (“With eye toward planned transmission project, Albion residents OK moratorium on utility lines, corridors,” Aug. 30). Town residents voted in support of this because we understand the importance of local control.

When I was driving to Albion recently, I was surprised by the number of signs opposing Pine Tree Power. I wondered why there were so many in such a concentrated area. In a subsequent conversation, I learned that people in town connected Pine Tree Power with the Aroostook Renewable Gateway, the proposed powerline path that might be cut through town.

Voters, please understand these are two separate issues. Pine Tree Power has absolutely nothing to do with the Aroostook line. By the time the Pine Tree Power Co. is up and running, the developer of that line, LS Power, will most likely have decided on a specific route (and hopefully not the one through Albion/Unity).

Since CMP is a for-profit company, it does not care if a transmission line will bisect your farmland or an Amish community or a pasture for Highland cattle. All it cares about is making a profit for its investors. What Pine Tree Power will do is put Mainers in the driver’s seat when it comes to future lines. A board made up of trusted Maine residents will be making the decisions. Mainers who understand a fourth-generation farm is worth preserving. Think how a consumer-owned utility company with more local control would benefit local people, not serve the financial interests of investors.

Continue to work to stop the powerline from bisecting your farmlands and areas of special ecological importance, but separate this proposal from Pine Tree Power. I encourage you to vote yes on Question 3.


Linda Woods


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