The season for scary stuff is here. No, not Halloween. I’m referring to the tactics of opponents of two referendum questions on the ballot this year.

The parent companies of CMP and Versant have spent $34 million on trying to scare us into voting to keep CMP operating as a for-profit.

Every other day for the last five months, we’ve been getting the same message in our mailboxes with misleading statements trying to convince us to keep the utility with one of the worst customer service records in the nation. The only possible reason for that is that is their desire to send Mainers’ hard earned money for their poor service out of the country to the companies’ owners in Spain and Canada. Why aren’t they spending that money to improve their service and raise their favorability level? I’m guessing it’s because they care more about profits than their level of service.

Other states have public utilities and are keeping customers’ money at home. Why wouldn’t we? I’m voting yes on Question 3.

Fortunately, our mailboxes are not being jammed with flyers on Question 6. However, the governor has warned us that passing Question 6 and approving the printing of the state’s entire constitution would cause “confusion.” Really? You can find the entire constitution online. What’s so scary about printing the entire document, including the provisions that include language about Maine’s original treaty and other obligations to the Wabanaki?

Let’s join every other state in the Union and print the entire document that governs us. I urge you to vote yes on Question 6.

Scary stuff should be saved for Halloween, not elections.

Karen Heck


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