President Biden came to Maine after the mass shooting that took place in Lewiston. I was shocked that a mass shooting took place in Maine. For some reason I didn’t think a mass shooting could happen in Maine. We have had lots of guns in Maine for years, yet very few homicides. Somehow I thought that because we had so many responsible gun owners and gun users in Maine that a mass shooting would never happen in Maine. Maine was a safe place to live. I was wrong.

When President Biden came to Maine he focused on the families which had suffered losses due to the shooting and the first responders who tried to treat the wounded and find the shooter. Biden showed us that he has the ability to be sympathetic and empathetic towards the people most clearly impacted by the shooting. He reportedly spent time with these people and actually listened to what they were going through. This very human ability is probably something he has learned in his life by also suffering many personal losses.

I truly appreciate his humanity and ability to listen and comfort people during a horrible event here in Maine. I am so glad he is our president.


David Jenney


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