Republicans and Republican ideas all across the country got trounced in the Nov. 7 elections, and it’s no secret why they keep losing. They have become the party of Trump, extremism, endless unpopular culture wars, and sheer chaos. They are election deniers, science deniers, and conspiracy theorists, and they exist to give tax cuts to the rich. Americans just aren’t having it.

Republicans always say they are about “freedom” and yet embrace authoritarianism, banning books, making it harder to vote, and controlling women’s bodies and their private reproductive health care decisions. Here in Maine they have attacked same-day voter registration, the citizen referendum process, and reproductive health care rights. Under Republican leadership the U.S. House has become a hive of chaos. And just tune in to any Trump rally and you see total craziness, from their warm-up speakers to Trump himself, who is now facing numerous felony charges. Yet Republicans remain super-glued to him.

So, from Ohio where reproductive rights were enshrined in their constitution, to Pennsylvania where the Democrat solidly won the state Supreme Court race, to Virginia where Democrats took full control of the legislature, to New Jersey where Democrats gained legislative seats, to schoolboard elections all over the map, Americans said no to Republican anti-democracy extremism and their bad policies.

Republicans have proven time and again that they are simply unfit to govern.

Democrats love this democracy and are the adults in the room who support women’s rights, civil rights, job creation, healthcare, education, infrastructure, a secure retirement, and so much more with good governance for our communities, states, and nation. As we go into 2024, let’s continue to support that good governance and reject the endless Republican chaos.


James Bilancia


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