Thank goodness Gina Stevens requested a public process with the Wiscasset superintendent and school committee (“Supporters of embattled Wiscasset principal want her reinstated,” Nov. 15). Otherwise, we would not have been privy to the wild laments and four charges lodged against her, all linked to a staff friend of the superintendent. On Dec. 12 at 3:30 p.m. we will finally be allowed to hear Stevens’ side and her evidence. The public hearing will take place prior to the regularly scheduled monthly school committee meeting.

I do wonder why Stevens was criticized for not seeking help or advice on her role as building principal from a new superintendent who has never led a district, nor served as a building principal, nor taught in a regular ed classroom in her career? I should think that a superintendent without leadership experience would be consulting and engaging in professional dialogue from the more experienced administrators working under her.

Unfortunately, I fear the school committee has backed itself into a corner and that the truth will not phase a committee that has so clearly broadcast their judgement against Stevens at public meetings earlier this month. It will take true strength and professional integrity to admit the error in supporting a superintendent who has made claims without substance and to stand against the tide of falsehoods.

Shari Templeton

Wiscasset Middle High School teacher


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