The situation in Gaza has passed into a dystopian nightmare that is being perpetuated by the U.S. administration of Joe Biden and many members of our Congress. At last count, only 66 of the 535 members of Congress have come out for a cease-fire. We are heartened to read that Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-1st District, has come out for a long-term cease-fire.

We don’t understand how our other Maine congressional members can see the death and suffering that occurs daily and not take a stand for a long-term cease-fire. The people of Gaza are being starved and killed in large numbers every day for the last three months, with a brief six-day pause in November. This killing is being done with weapons bought and provided by we, the U.S. taxpayers. The killing continues because President Biden has vetoed two cease-fire resolutions by the Security Council. In addition, Biden has stopped funding humanitarian aid through the UN agency that delivers this to Gaza, UNRWA.

In 2024, this is unacceptable. Please urge Congress and the president to stop this.

Edward Ferreira

New Sharon

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