We need to educate ourselves about politics and take steps to strengthen our democracy. And so I was interested to read a far-right newspaper that appeared at my door last week. I don’t mind that it’s conservative. I believe that everyone has inherent worth and dignity, and that conservatives and liberals love their children and love our country equally. However, we are listening to completely different sources of news, and when this news is biased and manipulative, it divides and misguides us.

One article in the paper talks about voter fraud, and gives examples which I’ve not heard of, all involving Democratic politicians. But the article does not mention the example we’ve all heard about of former President Donald Trump calling the governor of Georgia, asking him to somehow “find” 11,000 votes, to give him Georgia in the Electoral College.

The primary source of information for this article is the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that is funded in part by Exxon Mobil and other fossil fuel corporations, and is well known for sponsoring the conspiracy theory that climate change is a hoax. Currently, they advocate undoing the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act, which does more to save us from climate change than any previous legislation. The Heritage Foundation wants to boost the extraction and use of fossil fuels. Anything to increase the profits of fossil fuel corporations.

The Republican Party still votes as a block against transitioning to renewable energy. Unfortunately, this greatly worsens climate change and harms the lives of our families.

Consider voting as if your children lived on this Earth. Think about whether your candidate supports more fossil fuels and more greenhouse gases. Survival has to take priority over all other issues.


Richard Thomas


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