An open letter to CMP and the PUC respectfully, as a retired electrical/contractor engineer. We had trouble with both entities just after moving to Maine in 1988. Built two homes with baseboard electric heat and was told by a CMP field engineer that we were stupid to go with electric heat. This was long before the new green energy fad, so all us electric people using baseboard heat were ahead of the curve when it came to zero carbon emissions. CMP and the PUC were so anti-electric heat that we were hit with a 12% luxury tax and to make things worse were given a TOU meter which is a punitive meter because we used more than 2000-KW in one month.

Now to my gripe. Got a flyer from CMP stating that heat pump users may get a special rate. What about us loyal electric heat people who have paid dearly for heat with no complaints? I lived in a state where the power company had a special rate for all electric homes. But not in Maine. I never saw such a company that punishes you for being carbon neutral, plus CMP is the only business where the more you use they give you a discount? Of course not! Gone are the good old days when David Flanagan was president of CMP and Steve Ward was public advocate.

Hopefully my letter wakes up some of our legislators and pushes CMP and PUC to treat all electric heat homeowners more fairly.


Frank Slason


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