Whether it is as a selectman or in Augusta, often the role of representing people is a thankless one. Sometimes for good reason, but often just because people don’t take the time to thank you.

I recently had the opportunity to go to Augusta to give testimony in front of the committee about L.D. 227. While watching others before me (both for and against the bill), I quickly noticed Rep. Scott Cyrway. He was very friendly, respectful and he asked great questions of many of us giving testimony.

Rep. Cyrway is not my representative and I had never had the fortune of having our paths cross before that day, but I was glad they did. No matter what the profession, it is always a pleasure to watch someone approach their job with a passion for doing it with excellence, and Cyrway demonstrated that very clearly in committee that day.

Thank you, Rep. Cyrway, for serving with excellence, and best of luck on your upcoming election for State Senate District 16.

Robert Wessels

South Paris

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