First, Netanyahu. We forget that just prior to the Oct. 7 attack on Israel, Netanyahu was about to take the first step of many would-be dictators before him, that of abolishing the country’s judicial system, which would most likely have opposed his inevitable successive steps toward the extreme right. Netanyahu is Israel’s Putin, and his conduct of the Gaza war is as brutal and nearsighted as Putin’s war on Ukraine.

Second, Trump. He did not threaten the auto industry with his comment about a “bloodbath.” He threatened the country and democracy. Where are the voices of the rule of law in response to these threats? Where are the voices of our Senate and House of Representatives? The opinion of many elected officials, that the only true way to dispense with Trump is at the ballot box, is folly. We can hope that works, but he has already declared that if he loses this very close 2024 election, he will instigate a larger, more dangerous and violent insurrection than Jan. 6.

We know from experience that his true believers will follow his lead, and act out. Although it seems less and less likely, the most effective way of dealing with him is through the courts, destroying his wealth and power by stripping him of his supposed innocence and credibility.


Frank Zimbardi


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