Someday you’re going be a millionaire without trying if our government doesn’t stop its reckless spending and borrowing. Massive deficit spending has been done historically by other nations and the outcome is always the same. A worthless currency. The politicians never seem to learn while the masses fail to educate themselves. It’s easy to grow the money supply but not so easy to grow actual wealth.

In 1971 President Nixon took us off the gold standard. Our dollar was no longer linked to the value of gold and new paper currency was able to be produced on political whims as needed. When President Nixon took us off the gold standard an ounce of gold was valued at $35 dollars and the national debt was $371 billion. Currently our country has $35 trillion in national debt. Gold now sells at $2,067 per ounce. If you bought an ounce of gold in 1971 you’d still have the same ounce of gold today. I can assure you it hasn’t grown at all. What actually has grown is the massive national deficit and money supply.

So yes, someday you will need to be a millionaire to buy a loaf of bread, as our politicians continue to weaken and wreak havoc on the value of the dollar and your children’s futures by spending our nation’s future into oblivion to buy your vote!

John Hopkins


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