It came as no surprise that the higher-ups of the Democratic Party would use inflamed rhetoric to reproach Rep. Michael Lemelin for his strong pro-life statements. But in no way was he trying to disparage the tragic loss endured by Lewiston’s victims and their families.

Lemelin’s point remains, however, that this country has been killing innocent babies for over 50 years — preborn and viable babies. This is well documented. This reality has fallen on the deaf ears of so many of our legislators and only adds more credibility to his remarks.

Officially, through the actions of our elected representatives, and in the name of its citizens, a line in the sand has been crossed. There are consequences to such enacted laws; and it’s on us for allowing it to happen. In years yet to come, people will recoil at what our representatives made lawful!

In deference to the Rev. Turkle and others who wrote in, our God is certainly loving and merciful. But He is also a just God, who will not be mocked forever. Thank you, Rep. Lemelin and Rep. Rudnicki, for standing up for His laws.

Pat Truman


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