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Tuesday September 23, 2014
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Community News

We welcome your news

Email news release about meetings, fundraisers or events. The event name and date should be the subject. The event name, time, date and location need to be included with other important details in the body of the email. Also include a contact name and number or email address.

Email Kennebec Journal events to:

Email Morning Sentinel events to:

Send us your fall foliage photos


As the fall foliage season gets underway, email us your photos from central Maine. Please include date, location and photo credit.

Send us photos for new feature "Central Maine Moments"


Events, experiences, those little moments, happen around us every day. Many are worth sharing. If you’ve taken a photo in central Maine you’d like to share, we’ll consider it for publication in print and online. Be sure to include a few details of the experience, including where and when it was taken, what the event or experience was and your name.

Email Kennebec Journal photos to:

Email Morning Sentinel photos to:

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