Shadows in the Dark: A Praesul Novel
By Anne Doucette
CreateSpace, 288 pages. $12

Vanessa wonders if there is more to life than small-town Maine. While she considers herself normal, she soon learns she is much, much more. After a long day of work, Vanessa finds herself driving the back roads toward home at an ease she shouldn’t allow. Accidentally hitting a fleeing, but extremely handsome young man, her whole life is turned around, as stated in a press release. 

Gabriel uses Vanessa’s guilt against her to allow him to open her up to a dark and mysterious world. Vanessa soon learns that the shadows in the dark are no longer of her imagination; vampires and other unknown demons lurk around every corner.

She slowly finds herself enthralled by Gabe’s smart-aleck ways and cannot get him off of her mind, even if he is Praesul.

Though love is blooming, vampires are still plotting their revenge…

Sarah “Anne” Doucette lives in Winslow and is an English teacher at Lawrence High School. Her book is available at or directly from the publisher at

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