CHICAGO — No matter how meticulously you plan the flowers, the music and the seating chart, your wedding day has a way of throwing a curveball — such as when your college roommate, seized by a moment of OMG-I-can’t-believe-you’re-getting-married! enthusiasm, accidentally sloshes her red wine onto your wedding dress.

Wedding planner Mindy Weiss, who has orchestrated the weddings of celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Gwen Stefani and Hilary Duff, has witnessed enough such mini-crises to bring a Tide stain-lifting stick to every job. Also helpful to have on hand, Weiss said: safety pins.

Weiss suggested essential items to include in a wedding-day survival kit — and we added a few product suggestions.

* Folding hairbrush with mirror: For quick makeup, teeth and hair checks.

* Hand lotion

* Mending kit (including safety pins): A zippered pouch with sewing essentials can rescue a torn veil, your groom’s loose buttons and myriad other clothing malfunctions.

* Double-sided garment tape: Hide bra straps, execute a last-minute hem and keep fabric (and body parts) in place with the varied sizes and shapes of double-sided tape.

* Shoeshine wipes: For a last-minute buff. Also consider getting disposable shoeshine wipes to take care of muddy heels.

* Stain remover: Someone, somewhere will spill something.

* Deodorant wipes: You may never hug as many people as you do on this day, so smell fresh without fear of white residue.

* Breath freshener: You may never kiss as many people as you do on this day.

* Facial tissues: Catch tears before they bring down your mascara.

* Lint remover: A quick pass of a lint roller over a bridesmaid dress or groomsman suit will pick up stray hairs and flecks.

Other items to include:

* Earring backs

* Hair spray

* Emery board

* Pain reliever

* Adhesive bandages

* Clear nail polish

* Nail polish remover

* Lip balm

* Dental floss/toothpicks

* Static remover

* Clear hair elastics

* Drinking straws

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