On Sunday, Sept. 16, Dover-Foxcroft’s Center Theatre for the Performing Arts will host singer-songwriter Dar Williams, who is touring in support of her ninth studio album, “In The Time of Gods” (released on Razor & Tie Records on April 17 of this year). The album features 10 songs that, though set in today’s chaotic world, borrow from classic Greek archetypes. In a recent phone interview from her New York home, Williams, who’s career began in the early 90s, talked about her album, her fondness for Maine and the tour that will bring her to our fair state.

Q: Have you ever performed at the Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft before?

Williams: No, not at all.

Q: What kind of touring band will you have with you or is this going to be a solo performance.

Williams: I will have two guys with me — a keyboardist named Bryn Roberts and a guitarist named Josh Kaler — and they do vocals with me as well.

Q: How are your fans reacting to your CD?

Williams: Well, the fact that there’s this kind of nerdy theme of sort of Greek mythology for grown-ups has really helped. You know, I’ve always liked albums that had a couple of meanings as long as the primary meaning was clear no matter what I knew about whatever history was alluded to.

Q: I’m a very big fan of concept albums and this one grabbed my attention at the first listening trying to figure out which god or goddess was being referred to in which song. Do you do many of the songs from “In The Time of Gods” in your current sets?

Williams: Yeah, I do a lot of the record on stage — seven or eight of the songs — so it adds up to half the set.

Q: Were the two guys you have with you on the road also involved on the record?

Williams: No, they were not.

Q: Have you worked with them before on tour?

Williams: Yes, Bryn has been with me for four years. I mean, it is amazing — he’s cool if I change the set list, he’s cool if I don’t give him one, he’s extremely nice. All in all, the two musicians are really quite amazing.

Q: Is the Maine concert part of a grander tour or are you performing in bits and pieces?

Williams: Just little jaunts. This one is a four-day weekend — it starts in New York and ends up in Maine on a Sunday.

Q: You seem to come to Maine fairly frequently. I take it you like the fans here?

Williams: Yes — well, yeah, it’s a couple of things, I mean I play a lot in New Jersey, too, but that’s because both states have a lot of small cities that have music, so you play two in a year and not play the same venue over the course of four years. You’ve got the Chocolate Church in Bath and you’ve got Skowhegan and Dover-Foxcroft, Portland’s great and there’s Jonathan’s in Ogunquit. So, it’s always a new name showing up on the itinerary and I always say, “Yes, absolutely!” because Maine is so beautiful and seems to have very thoughtful, cool audiences which I really love. I mean, Maine’s right up there as far as I’m concerned.

Q: Is there anything you’d like to pass on to the readers of this article?

Williams: No. You asked all the right questions: Do I love Maine? “Yes!” Why? “Because…!” Oh, but this (show) will probably wrap up the time that I’m going to be actually working as a trio — as opposed to just with Bryn — so it’s a good time to hear the album fleshed out a little bit more. So anything else I could add would be, “I hope you like the album!” (www.darwilliams. com)

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