Antoine Fuqua is here, so fasten your seat belts, practice turning your head first to the left than to the right. Practice closing the eyes hard. Yes this is Antoine Fuqua who brought you the mean, lean, violent, sadistic “Training Day” with a dark Denzel.

Here Fuqua sets up the old notion that Asians once again cannot be trusted. We thought we were all through with that, but then North Korea started threatening to launch some hand-made missiles at Hollywood. Voila! New bad guys.

The plot is simple: Some special force renegade North Koreans have infiltrated the South Korean government, and are now here pretending to be part of a peaceful delegation that arrived in Washington to negotiate some trade agreements with the newly elected president, square-jawed and Nordic handsome Aaron Eckhart. What could possibly go wrong?

But the movie opens with a distraction. It’s Christmas Eve, and the president and his first lady (Ashley Judd) and small super smart and lovable son, are en route from Camp David to a big party given by billionaire donors.

Things go very bad on a high mountain icy road (are there mountains near Camp David?) cars skid, collide, smash up and the president’s car is left dangling over a precipice.

Secret Servicemen keep it from going off until the chief agent, Mike Banning (square-jawed, handsome Gerard Butler) can get the first couple out. Things get worse. That’s all I can tell you about that.

One year later and agent Mike Banning has been transferred to the Treasury Department desk company and spends his days longing for a return to the game. His dream comes true.

Out of the blue, a big Air Force cargo plane (a disguise, this thing is loaded for bear.) attacks, slays hundreds on the ground and crashes on the White House lawn with guns blazing, and that’s only five minutes in.

Then suddenly, in a clear violation of immigration rules, a freighter full of hard North Korean troops, arrive by the busloads, garbage trucks and semis. Koreans are everywhere, under the trees, in the trees, behind the trees, all over the White House lawn. This, we can tell has been years in the planning, probably way before Korean rocker PSY and his gangnam-style craze arrived at “30 Rock.”

In true Fuqua tradition, carnage, torture, blood and huge computer rooms full of state-of-the-art gadgets abound.

The president is now held hostage in the bunker with the bad guys and an American traitor. I won’t give him away. It’s a surprise, probably the only one in the movie.

Meanwhile, discredited agent Banning rushes away from his desk to the rescue. Thousands die in a flurry of gunfire. It could have been worse had not the sequester shut down the W.H. tours.

Soon, nuclear war is in the offing and only one man can save us, that would be Bruce Willis. But Bruce has moved on to more sensitive roles, so Gerard Butler is now our new “Live Free or Die Hard” hero.

“Olympus Has Fallen” is just what you expect it to be: preposterous, ridiculous, engaging, nerve wracking, fun, a super-speed fast-action thriller with first-class CGI shots and a first-rate cast of actors who seem to all have done this before. We get Angela Bassett and Ashley Judd in a curious cameo that Julia Roberts could have done with her eyes closed.

We enjoy the great Melissa Leo on leave from HBO’s “Treme,” a super evil Rick Yune, and that iron-jawed Robert Forster, Tommy Lee Jone’s evil twin.

I would like to say all the CGI effects are cheesy, but they are good and really light up the screen in impressive bursts.

Gerard, as Banning, does a good job swimming through this muck and gets to out Bourne, Jason Bourne, kill hundreds of evil Koreans and shares the last two most awful lines of the movie.

Banning: “Sorry about your house, Mr. President.”

President: “It’s okay, I’m sure it’s insured.” Hope the studio is.

J.P. Devine is a former stage and screen actor.

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