OMG, the President is going to die. Stop it! He’s Jamie Foxx, and he’s in post production for “Spider Man 2.”

Damn that “Entertainment Weekly,” letting the cat out of the bag and ruining the ending of “White House Down.”

Here we go again. It seems like it was only last week that disgraced former presidential guard Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) was trapped inside the White House with President Aaron Eckhart, while a band of North Korean terrorists were holding the president hostage. Wait a minute, it was last week, wasn’t it?

But in that week, a new presidential election was held, and a black man was elected. Say what? This time, it’s Jamie Foxx, the first black president of the United States. No, never mind.

Okay, it’s GQ’s Channing Tatum, who is a White House police guard assigned to the Speaker of the House (the indefatigable and ubiquitous Richard Jenkins.)

Channing, the latest action hero who will never be Matt Damon, Daniel Craig or Jason Statham, is a wanna-be Secret Service agent, divorced from a disheveled soccer mom with whom he shares a cute, but snotty daughter.

As a gift to try to win back her affections, Gerard, I mean Channing, gets her free passes to tour the White House, as everyone in the audience moans “Oh oh.”

Channing gets an interview that morning with top dog Secret Service boss Maggie Gyllenhaal, (just seen locally as masochist office slave to James Spader in “Secretary.”)

He is rejected because his resume of mess ups reads like the Three Stooges’ Curly’s greatest hits. It’s no wonder, because he’s one of the Capitol cops who minutes later, lets an American terrorist leave a janitor’s cart in the middle of the Capitol rotunda and walk away unchallenged.

We know the set up, we watched the previews and saw the head of the Secret Service (James Woods) getting ready for work. He loads his Glock, stares at himself in the mirror, as he touches the little American flag on his lapel and says goodbye to his wife the way Errol Flynn did when he was General Custer going off to the Little Big Horn.

The lady behind me in the theater whispered, “He’s a bad guy.”

There will be other bad guys, and they will all be Americans with an occasional Brit thrown in. They have come to extort $400 million from the Fed, and exact vengeance on the black president for pulling all U.S. forces out of the entire Middle East.

The obvious bad guys include Woods and Jason Clarke, a much better actor than Tatum.

But there is a surprise villain who will be revealed at the very, very end. I was surprised because no smart screen writer would make this man a villain for the reasons he’s given. But screenwriter James Vanderbilt did.

Here’s the secret, if you just let go of that silly cynicism and eat your popcorn, “Olympus Has Fallen,” I’m sorry, I mean “White House Down,” is a lot of fun. The CGI destruction of the White House is impressive. I mean, that sucker blows up, burns down, cracks, rocks and splinters like nothing you’ve ever seen.

You have to hand it to director Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day,” “2012”) he really knows how to blow stuff up and make us jump.

The whole chase through the secret corridors of the White House with vicious bad guys in Donna Karan black tank tops and Woods in a worsted wool summer suit in pursuit of the president and his new buddy, is kind of exciting.

I mean, there are a few moments when you really think they’re going to kill Jamie Foxx, not because he’s the president, but because he’s black and, get this … he’s wearing Air Jordans.

It was good to see Michael Murphy again as the vice president, wounded but safe, for the moment, on Air Force Two.

Foxx is a cool president who can drop the F bomb when he goes all ghetto-ish on the bad guys, and can still deliver a newsroom speech like a pro.

Channing seems to be a nice fella, and here, he does the divorced daddy well.

Of course, I would go to a snake wrestle to see Maggie Gyllenhaal referee the match.

But the hero of this epic, is the teenage daughter, Joey King, who suffers the slings and arrows of the American terrorists, makes incredible magic with her smartphone video camera and pulls off a cool, heroic and quite fun trick on the White House lawn at the very end, saving lives and the movie. Yeaaa Joey King.

Listen, it’s summer time, no one in this movie is going to be nominated for anything. Just let go and relax. It’s cool in here.

J.P. Devine is a former stage and screen actor.

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