WATERVILLE — Mid-Maine Technical Center announced its first quarter honor roll in a press release. Students from Messalonskee High School, Waterville Senior High School, Winslow High School, Lawrence High School and Temple Academy attend the center.

Automotive collision repair — high honors: Trevor Carlow of MHS; Haley Friend of WSHS; Eric FrithHubbard and Micheal Poole, both of MHS; Zachary Giguere of WHS; Randall Richards, Tyler Tompkins and Owen Weigang, all of LHS.

Honors: Nicholas Cain and Ethan Miller, both of WHS; Kristopher Denis, Derick Dumont, Katelyn Kent, Logan Michaud, Zackery Patnaude, Tyler Schroeder and Jordan Smith, all of LHS; Krista Mairs of WSHS; Devon Stanton and Tristan Tuttle, both of MHS.

Automotive technology — high honors: Damen Bickford of MHS.

Honors: Brice Garten and David Kinney, both of MHS; Paul Hammock Jr. of WSHS; Tyler Pooler of WHS; Kyle Robinson of LHS.

Construction technology — high honors: Alisha Biddle, Jordan Gurney and Nicholas Labun, all of MHS; Aleksander Fortier and Jarrett Hill, both of LHS; Hillary Libby of WHS; Justin Richard of Temple Academy; Caitlin White of WSHS.

Honors: Dakota Burgess of WSHS; Gordon Call, Alecxander Clark, Bryce Gilliland and Tyler Wilde, all of WHS; Ryan Lamontagne and Tyler Warren, both of MHS.

Culinary arts — high honors: Chyanne Bizier of WHS; Brandon Choate, Tyler Haase, Keaton Lahneman, Colin Roy and Kristi Yoos, all of WSHS; Sierra Clement and Kenedy Petersen, all of MHS; Victoria Johnson, Jessica Keay and Kylee Loucks, all of LHS.

Honors: Jeshua Donisvitch, Lucas George, Loganne Paquette, Taylor Ripley and Nichole Stefanizzi, all of MHS; Sarah Post and Sarah Wright, both of LHS; Luc Roy of WSHS.

CTE Academy — honors: Benjamin Bard and Jennifer Smith, both of MHS; Trevor Gurski and Mariah Lagasse, both of WHS; Tanesha Kitchin, Alexander Pratt and Chantelle Thomas, all of WSHS.

Digital graphics — high honors: Jocelyn Gromek of WSHS; Kaylee Willoughby of WHS.

Honors: Kathleen Bertone, Kohl Gilbert and Sara Sack, all of WSHS; Jesse Cox, Myranda Landry and Alan Weymouth, all of LHS; Sydney Dumont of WHS.

Early childhood education — high honors: Emma Bean, Paige Belanger, Jamie Maroon and Demika Stowe, Nicholas Michaud, Karlie Nabarowsky, all of WSHS; Megan Dore, of Harvest Christian; Denasia Peavey of WHS; Grace Pirri of Temple Academy.

Honors: Angeleana Black, Brittany Marx, Olivia Parker and Morgan Rowe, all of LHS; Michael Campbell, Megan Farrell and Audrey O’Connor, all of WHS; Rebecca Trask of WSHS.

Electrical technology — high honors: Alisha Biddle, Zachary Douin, Jacob Doyon, Klint Hall and Stephen Mills, all of MHS; Jacob Gardner of Temple Academy; Kristopher Gregory of LHS; Timothy Mathieu of WHS; Justin Pelletier of WSHS.

Honors: Nicholas Bryand, Tatonka Champagne and Nicholas French, all of LHS; Benjamin Bryant, William Chambers, Holden Gray, Ryley O’Connell and Noah Perry, all of WSHS; Joshua Casey, Mikayla Godleski and Shelby McFadden, all of MHS; Jeremy Cote and Christopher Kelley, both of WHS; Alex Hughes and Joseph Rossignol, both of Temple Academy.

Emergency Services — honors: Kacy Boutot of WHS; Tristin Friend and Megan Lahaye, both of MHS; Logan Kearney, Collin Ward and Zachary Williams, all of WSHS; Thomas Roberts, Roxanna Rojas and Emily Tozier, all of LHS.

Information technology — high honors: Kyle Bernier, Bowen Dubuc, Daeghan Elkin, Jessica Grenier and Thomas Luce, all of MHS; Aaron Bowles, Evan Garbati Stanichuk and Sophie Payne, all of WSHS; Tyler Bragdon of WALT; Caleb Ellis, Kurt Hamar and Jacob Lavarnway, all of WHS; Baxter Levasseur, Tristan Quick and Derrick Waugh, all of LHS.

Honors: Barnabous Ashford, Megan Cousins and Hunter Vining, all of LHS; Branden Belanger and Mary Wunderlich, all of MHS; Shane Fitts and David Maguire, all of WSHS.

Mass media communications — high honors: Bradley Carver, Carl Chadbourne and Sarah Cormier, all of MHS; Christopher Motley of LHS; Justine Richardson of WSHS.

Honors: Jada Boggs of LHS; Michaela Bolduc and Calvin Holmes, both of MHS; Caitlyn Carreau, Quenten Kelley and Layne Vigue, all of WHS; Terry Chamblee, Sarah Libby, Ronnie Quirion and William Tiner, all of WSHS.

Medical careers — high honors: Jenica Achey, MaKayla Boucher, Mikayla Elwell, Morgan Liberty and Krysta Swanson, all of WHS; Carolyn Anderson, Alexis Bradford, Julia Dudley, Amanda Farrington, Tristian Jennings, Amelia McAvoy, Trevor Meader and Abigail Poulin, all of MHS; Briannah Bickford, Dustee Dixon, Kennedy Glidden, Emma Harrison and Lindsay Laflamme, all of LHS; Sarah Kinney, Jasmin Lane, Hannah Rumery, Shelby Stone and Danielle Swiercz, all of WSHS.

Honors: Mikaela Beane, Jayde Fuller and Taylor Watson, all of LHS; Mary Briggs, Hope Frost, Shawna Pelotte, Hayley Pottle and Alyssa Wright, all of WHS;

Shelby Christianson, Katelyn Lovejoy, Alyssa Markowski, Kaeley Stewart and Bridget Wadleigh, all of MHS; Julia Hamilton, Ciara Miller and Briana Quirion, all of WSHS.

Precision Machining — honors: Patrick Blaisdell of Temple Academy; Trenton Bouchard and Johnathan Corey, both of WHS; Nicholas Bragg, Nathaniel Clowes, Parker Gidney and Kane Sandifer, all of WSHS; Brandon Coates, Brett Coates, Jacob Howard, Maxwell Marin, Hunter Tompkins, Andrew Vigue and Robert Zahoransky, all of LHS; Bryer Gallagher, Kyle Haskell and Tyler Shores, all of MHS.

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