The reunion committee for the Cony High School class of 1975 is looking for the whereabouts of several classmates. Time is of the essence as RSVPs are needed by May 15. Information is available on Facebook at “Cony High School class of 1975; 40th Reunion” or by contacting [email protected].

Contact information in the form of email addresses, physical addresses or phone numbers is needed for the following:

Janice Albee, Leonard Alexander, Cheryl Anderson, William Austin, Suzanne Ayotte, Laurie Beaulieu, Ronald Beaulieu, John Beeckel, Darlene Belanger, Linda Berg Markham, Linda Bernard, Paul Bourassa, Paul Brawn, Ronald Brunelle, Debbie Callahan Poulin, Robert Carrell, Victoria Choate, Michael Clark, Kane Coffin, Mary Colfer, Kevin Cote, Kelly Coughlin Leach, Darlyne Cowing Lane, Jeff Delois, Carol Dostie Arnold, Michael Drake, Kenneth Duplessis, Joan E. Beaulieu, Debbie Ezzy, Stephanie Fales, Margaret Finnegan, Elsa Giggey, Larry Gilbert, Thomas Gilpatrick, Mark Goedecke III, Loresa Gogan, David Gorton, Mary Grant, Kathryn Gray, David Griffin, Kevin Hall, Paul Harrington, Marsha Hart, Mary Heald Thibodeau, Linda Hicks Smith, Stephen Hill, Debbie James Atwood, Francine Keller, Dana King, Roland L’Heureux, Robert LaBreton, Mark Lajoie, Cynthia Lancaster, Richard Leuttich, Ramona Lewis, Nancy Liscomb Swift, Ann M. Pare, Jean M. Gilligan, Thomas Magee, David Martin, Karen Merrill Griffin, Russell Mooney, Brian Nichols, Pam Paiement Areas, John Parker, Constance Patnaude Humphrey, Marsha Paul, Shirley Paul, Martha Paul, Melodie Payton Gingrow, Jeffery Peaslee, Robert Pettit, Raymond Pora, Edwin Poulin, Roger Poulin, Michael Poulin, John Power, Jeanine Purington, Bonnie Rhoades, Ronald Rodrigue, Walter Rohm, Ronald Rollins, Joe Russell, Steve Salter, Ken Sawyer, Greg Schumacher, Gail Severance, William Simpson, Kim Smith, William Spencer, Rhonda Standish, Douglas Stark, Robert Stetson, Kathryn Taylor, Paul Tobey, Wanda Tracy, Michael Valley, Karen Viens, Sheila Webb, James Whittier and Denis Wood.

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