Please complete the form below. To nomination, each nomination requires a 500 word description. Submissions are due by February 26, 2016. View last last year’s winners.
The Newcomer:
A promising start-up – business or nonprofit – launched no more than 18 months ago focused on issues of sustainability.
The Elder:
An individual who has been a long-time model for sustainable living and who actively shares his or her learning.
The Teacher:
An institution or individual finding effective ways to teach children how to think and live sustainably.
The Scions:
A group of young people – a classroom, school group, team, club or posse of friends – passionate about sustainability and working to become leaders in their community.
The Good Neighbor:
An individual making a difference on a hyper-local scale, enthusiastically shares what they know with neighbors.
The Pollinator:
A business translating grassroots efforts into the broader society, making sustainable living available to the masses.
The Cultivator:
A business or nonprofit that has been steadily building the infrastructure, community connections or other resources necessary to make Maine a more sustainable place to live.
Editor’s Choice:
Chosen from nominations in all categories.
Plus, a presentation of the Russell Libby Agricultural Scholar Awards in conjunction with MOFGA.
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