FAIRFIELD — Kennebec Valley Community College recently announced the 2016 spring semester dean’s list.

The following students have earned a place on the dean’s list by achieving a grade-point average of 3.5 or higher while carrying nine credit hours or more for the semester:

They are Samantha R. Brockway, Brandon S. Coates, Kyle R. Keenan and Alison R. Palm, all of Albion; Samantha K. Howard and Brenda G. Madden, both of Anson; and Jessica J. Franzose, of Athens.

Also, Aimee D. Cicia, Cody Cogswell, Amanda L. Davis, Willie M. Emerson, Joshua A. Guenard, Elizabeth D. Jensen, Tisha L. Lewis, Alison A. Quick, Aneasa M. Russo and Stacey M. Zack, all of Augusta; Randi A. DeWitt and Alanna M. Graham, both of Bangor; Heather Bryant and Sita R. West, both of Bath; and Curt R. Eynon, Michelle A. Kelly and Amanda C. Silveira O’Connor, all of Belfast.

Also, Brandon K. Bickford, Cynthia A. Davidson, Amanda J. Henninger and Jessica C. Pepin, all of Belgrade; Brittany E. Bickford, Paige M. Bisson, Bridgette S. Carter, Allison A. Colson, Samantha J. Corson, Andrew W. Cotterly, Keith W. Englehart and Amanda L. Poulin, all of Benton; and Samuel L. Mathieu, of Bingham.

Also, Nathaniel J. Biczak, of Bowdoin; Mariah M. Child, of Brunswick; Shelley L. Edgecomb, Jennifer L. Paquet, Kevin M. Paquet and Stacey M. Sprague, all of Burnham; Katelyn R. Peakall, of Calais; and Colton G. Albertson, Tamara D. Burke, Maria L. Dodge, Rylee M. Jackson, Mandalyn J. Keaten, Rylie E. Marshall, Allison J. Mitchell, Kelly Y. Ramsdell and Sarah K. Schanz Brooks, all of Canaan.


Also, Emma M. Stevens, of Cape Elizabeth; Jamie L. Kimball, Morgan L. Leadbetter and Brandon T. Main, all of Chelsea; Colby R. Fletcher, Matthew D. Martin and Dalton J. Skidgel, all of China; Tyler E. Clifford, Elizabeth L. Farley, Mei-Lai E. Lam, Crystal D. Langley, Ezra J. Shepherd and Peggy Withee, all of Clinton; Colleen M. Snow, of Corinna; and Stefanie E. Kepple, of Corinth.

Also Whitney A. Blanchet and Jessica L. Moody, both of Cornville; Dennis L. Simmons, of Cushing; Sabrina A. Brisson, of Derry, New Hampshire; Samantha L. Keegan, Detroit; Christina M. Erskine, of Dixmont; Sabrina O. Sharrow, of Dover Foxcroft; and Ian J. McLaughlin, of Durham.

Also, Kelsie M. Morrison, Normand B. Roberge and Larry J. Violette, all of Ellsworth; and Carroll I. Chapman and Wendy S. Sincyr, both of Embden.

Also, Kristin E. Cook, Mikala N. Dickson, Heather L. Drew-Clark, Crystal M. Dunphy, Ryan J. Gagne, Dallas T. Huber, Mamie R. Matthews, Patience L. McKeen, Lori A. Pierce, Sarah M. Poulin, Kenneth R. Stewart-Williams, Desiree L. Tucker, Alexander M. Wharton and Javae L. Wood, all of Fairfield.

Also, Stephanie L. Buzzell and Kevin M. Joyce, both of Farmington; Andrew Secrist, of Florence, Wisconsin; Amanda K. Gheorghe, of Freedom; Jonathan R. Jensen, Andrea V. Jordan and Vanessa T. Munson, all of Gardiner; and Joseph M. Menard, of Gladstone, Michigan.

Also, John N. Beeckel, Meredith W. Cohen and Sarah C. Dunn, all of Hallowell; Kaleb E. Forsman, of Hampden; Mychaela R. Denbow, and Ashley M. Ducas, both of Harmony; and Jennifer M. Bryson, Dayna M. Butler, Nathan L. Chambers, Earl T. Gray, Liandra G. Hewins, Allison H. LaGross, Theresa A. Lary, Christine J. Shibles and Kerry A. Veara, all of Hartland.


Also, Tia M. Knowlton-Basford, of Hinckley; Daniel B. Sanford, of Holden; Selby A. Risner, of Iron City, Tennessee; Jocelyn E. Hoyt, of Jackman; Jessica L. Bickis, Jennifer M. Smith and Cassandra M. Stone, all of Jefferson; Lori A. Cobb and Joel M. Poulin, both of Knox; Larissa I. Liventals, of Lewiston; and Richard D. Cleaves and Kerri St Clair, both of Liberty.

Also, Emily A. Knox, Cathy L. Rogers, Sarah K. Sinclair and Samantha R. Wallace, all of Madison; Ashley R. Bernier and Emily A. Vachon, both of Manchester; Stephanie C. Bates, of Mechanic Falls; Christophe T. Cormier and Ryal L. Gove, both of Mercer; Samuel P. Crawford, of Monmouth; and Krista M. Ryan, of Montville.

Also, Charles W. Soper, of Morrill; Karl D. Schmidt and Andrew M. White, both of Mt. Vernon; Katrina A. Simpson, of New Sharon; and Beth M. Byron, Sharon P. Dearborn, Rhonda L. Frye, Anthony T. Gonzalez, Bonnie-Jean Mitchell, Emily Stetson and Erik L. Stitham, all of Newport.

Also, Samuel A. Benson, John Krasnavage, Bethany C. Legere, Karin M. McKenzie and Brad D. Warren, all of Norridgewock; Alexander D. Walz, of North Anson; and Benjamin J. Levensailor, Michael J. Malone, Natasha M. Manson, Amber G. Rancourt and Randi P. Stefanizzi, all of Oakland.

Also, Elizabeth L. Vinal, of Orono; Denise E. Fredericks, Bailee A. Hill, Anthony D. Mangin, James N. Cowan, Nadine P. Everlith and Leonard L. Young, all of Palmyra; Melissa R. Evans, of Perry; Chelsea M. Roderick, of Phillips; and Pamela J. Albert, Ronda J. Connolly, Rosanna J. Greene, Stephanie E. Hayden, Rebecca A. Hinsch, Whitney L. Houston Gina M. Lemire, Martin E. Mann, Brianne L. Moody and Angelica K. Tansino, all of Pittsfield.

Also, Erica D. Anderson and Shannon L. Cooper, both of Pittston; Christopher J. Irish and Benjamin D. Richardson, both of Plymouth; Jeffrey J. Reed, of Randolph; Ryan D. Freise and Keith P. Strong, both of Readfield; Clara S. Todd, of Rockland; Darin J. Knight, of Rome; Lisa P. Porter, of Rumford; Shyila M. White, of Sangerville; Elida R. Mehuren and Angela G. Crawford, both of Searsmont; Thomas A. Ordelt, of Searsport; Brandi J. Smith, of Seattle, Washington; and Sierra M. Smedberg, of Shawmut.


Also, Caleb W. Bean, Spencer R. Cayer, Zachary T. Douin, Rebecca J. Fotter, Michelle L. Kelley, Victoria S. Kenyon, Edwin F. Maheu and Catherine J. Wyatt, all of Sidney; Connor B. Albers, Ashley A. Burris, Vanessa M. Dillon, Meagan J. Field, Tanya M. Folsom, Kylee C. Loucks, Alanna M. Luther, Anne M. Madore, Jordan C. Mercier, Tavi J. Norton, Elizabeth G. Poulin, Ryan R. Prentiss, Joshua D. Wescott and Katherine A. Wood, all of Skowhegan; Shawn M. Gray, Laurie B. Landry and Nathan R. Landry, all of Smithfield; Terri L. Griffeth-Mercier, of South China; James R. Vicnaire, of St. Albans; Edwin E. Greenlaw, of Swanville; Margaret H. Quebec, of Thorndike; and Chris A. Phillippe and Nathan D. Wren, both of Troy.

Also, Rebecca R. Leavitt, of Turner; Lindsay N. Gould, of Union; Joshua M. Ellis, Raegan C. Goulet, Constance L. Hubbard and Sarah M. Williams, all of Unity; Aaron M. Beaulieu, Mary L. Brochu, Victoria S. Brown, Belinda J. Green, Nikia M. Levesque and Brody L. Thompson, all of Vassalboro; Wendy L. Ayres and Raena A. Trojano Penney, both of Waldo; Heather A. Anderson, of Warren; and Nicholas A. Pease, of Washington.

Also, Dakota J. Allen, Marisa C. Allen, Jennifer L. Annett, Allen L. Bernier, Mariah C. Bustard, Makita W. Champagne, Lisa M. Colby, Robert A. Conrad, Melissa L. Dangler, Flavia M. DeBrito, Brittnae R. Deroche, Jerry Fanjoy, Megan N. Gendreau, Cory A. Harpell, Carla E. Higgins, Kyle J. Howard, Tamra-Jo M. Marcoux, Shelley A. O’Connell, Paige L. Plourde, Kristina M. Vigue, Brittany M. Webbe, Steven T. Weeks Jarod J. Wescott, Kristi N. Yoos and Jesse R. York, all of Waterville.

Also, Ryan R. Ford, of Weare, New Hampshire; Lila R. Myers and Dustin J. Savage, both of West Farmington; Michael D. Smith, of West Gardiner; Stephen E. Coombs, of West Paris; and Carol P. Acedo, Leslie A. Kittredge and Crystal D. Travis, all of Whitefield.

Also, Jan M. Collins and Cindy M. Naaykens, both of Wilton; Dustin W. Fisher and Sarah A. Monarch, both of Windham; and Kristin A. Clark, Mario A. Garcia and Rachelle D. Marable, both of Windsor.

Also, Robert E. Adametz, Julie A. Belanger, Kalianna A. Carpenter, Connor J. Chapman, Rachael M. Desrosiers, Lindsey M. Duvall, Erin L. Falconer, Siena E. Fitzpatrick, Chelsea M. Flye, Anthony G. Giroux, Jonathan A. Hachey, Denasia M. Peavey, Peter A. Rancourt and Lee A. Trahan, all of Winslow.

Also, Alison L. Berube, Bradley R. Griffin and Charles W. Hayford, all of Winthrop; and Jason J. Cooney, of Wiscasset.

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