DAMARISCOTTA — A Pollinator Seed Swap Day is set for Saturday, Jan. 28, at Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center, 521 Main St., according to a news release from the center.

Master Gardener Jean Vose will conduct the seed swap and saving seeds workshop at 10:30 a.m.. Those who attend can bring their favorite seeds, catalogs and gardening stories to share.

According to the release the first official seed swap day was held in January 2006 in Washington, D.C., and is now a national day. This is a day where gardeners come together and swap the seeds from their best plants. This helps to improve local biodiversity. It’s also a time to swap stories and skills while getting ready for the upcoming gardening season.

The seed swap is a fundamental part of human history. Seeds were one of the first commodities valued and traded. Today, modern gardeners collect and exchange seeds for many reasons ranging from cultivating rare, heirloom varieties to basic thrift. The exchange of seeds perpetuates biodiversity. It is an act of giving and the ultimate form of recycling.

Guidelines for swapping seeds: Please do not bring seed collected from hybrid plants, as they won’t grow true to type; no GMO seed; bring any special growing instructions; example: full sun, moist soil, shade; bring perennial, annual or biannual seeds. Envelopes will be provided for seeds and cards for writing seed information. Please do bring information about seeds including common name/variety, the year the seeds were collected, where they were grown and who grew them and any other information about what makes the variety unique, or tips for growing.

For more information and to pre-register, call the center at 563-1363. For more information, visit www.spectrumgenerations.org.

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