We have taken so many rights from our young people: buying tobacco, buying alcohol, and now in some places, buying firearms and ammunition. It seems strange that we deem a 17-year-old is responsible enough to join the military, pick up an assault rifle and all the ammunition they can carry, and be sent to war to fight for our country, but not responsible enough to buy a box of ammunition.

I agree something needs to be done about some types of firearms sold here now, and I can understand how our young people are concerned about their safety. But raising the age to buy firearms and ammo is not the answer.

I can remember spending 13 months in harm’s way in Vietnam defending my country, coming home and being unable to buy a beer in many states because I supposedly wasn’t responsible enough. I will stay away from places that think our young people are old enough to fight for them but not old enough to buy a firearm or the ammunition needed to use it.

Most of these people making these decisions have no clue what it is like to be put in harm’s way; it will make you grow up very fast. If Dick’s, Walmart, L.L. Bean, and the rest continue to think this way, then the age limit to fight for our country should be raised to 21. If our young adults are not responsible enough to buy a box of ammunition to go target practicing or hunting, then they are not responsible enough to fight for you either.

Joseph Rocque Jr.


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