I am deeply disappointed with all of the Republican gubernatorial candidates and their stand on gun sanity. In their Feb. 26 presentations at Colby, they were to a person aligned on keeping the status quo, which means that there is easy availability of assault weapons with large magazines. Maine’s hunting heritage was given as an excuse.

I am a gun owner and a hunter. I use my guns to hunt migratory birds such as ducks and Maine game animals and birds in their open seasons. In Maine we cannot use an automatic weapon and our magazine capacity is limited to five shots. The federal law regulating migratory bird hunting in the United States prohibits using rifles, as well as shotguns larger than 10 gauge. Magazine capacity is limited to three shots. None of these limitations are a problem for Maine hunters.

Assault rifles are designed to kill human beings, with their large 30-shot magazine making them the weapons of choice for those that who want to kill a lot of people. I would really like to know why the candidates aren’t willing to at least limit these weapons designed to kill people to the same magazine capacity as our hunting guns. Doing so will not solve the problem but it most certainly can save innocent lives.

Karl Dornish


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