A March 22 letter by Robert A. Creamer, “Addiction stigma hangs on tightly,” is almost entirely on board to the reality of the situation.

It is the choice of the user to overdose, and not the manufacturer of the product. Yet the manufacturers are being sued by groups that have no concern for those of whom actually need opiates.

From what I have been reading and watching the narrow-minded lawmakers in Maine are more concerned with helping those who overdose by giving them over-the-counter medication to reverse the overdose effect, as well as monies being poured into treatment, than those individuals who really need an opiate to sustain some quality of life from pain. Conditions such as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis often will leave a person in a constant chronic pain.

Let’s help those who really need the help. Focus on the disease and stop tying the doctors’ and pharmacists’ hands when dispensing these needed medications.

Norman L. Mitchell Sr.


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