About 16 months ago, I made a statement to the media that went viral on the internet, resulting in 5,000 messages on my office answering machine from the most vile and ignorant people in the country, all who voted for Trump (“Skowhegan-area propane dealer won’t deliver to Trump voters,” Dec. 16, 2016).

There were death threats, bomb threats, threats to my family, my wife and my children (I am single), even my dog. My business was shut down by the state of Maine (two weeks after I retired), and I was blocked from renewing my expired license.

What I said was that I was disgusted with how Donald Trump treated women, and that anyone who treated women like that has no business running this great country. Turns out I was right. You want to make the U.S. great again? Dump Trump, before we are all speaking Russian.

Michael Turner

Turner LP Gas (retired)


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