Our power was partly sold out to Florida Light, then to Spain. Contracts were executed to guarantee corporate profits. It’s believed legislators and the PUC are “bedfellows” with the power company. Rate increases were sanctioned by the PUC just as the latest rate hike skyrocketed residential and business costs — over the line of common decency. The last rate should be revoked and there should be no increases, without outside investigations.

It seems CMP and the PUC and legislators are the source of the problem, and none of them intend to be part of the solution.

Those powers believe increases must be the fault of the customers. News flash — when you want the truth, you don’t put the fox in the henhouse.

The actions by CMP, the PUC and our legislators are putting our people, schools, businesses and ultimately our Maine economy in danger. No monopoly should be allowed to exist and no power should be exempt from accountability.

The PUC, CMP and our legislators are on notice by the people that this type of force by power is wrong and will not be tolerated. We the people must hold them accountable for business practices, responsible management and fair legislation. For together, they can and will destroy the people through our economy of jobs, homes, schools and businesses. We should not settle for in-house policing.

Essie Golden


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