I am appalled and outraged that anyone with NIck Isgro’s blatant bigotry, and spreading of same, is occupying the position of mayor; he has no place in Maine government. What has happened to our state and country? I am an ninth-generation Mainer who believes we are better through diversity, human decency, and respect for one another. We should be evolving, not digressing. Isgro’s thinking weakens the mind.

I regret the good citizens of Waterville put such a poor excuse for a human being in office. However, you are not the first Maine community to make an error, and it can be corrected.

I do not have to tell you that Waterville is the home of one of Maine’s greatest men, former Sen. George Mitchell, whose mother was an immigrant from one of the very areas Isgro targets. If only Isgro was half the man that Mitchell is.

Silence is complicity. I am asking the good people of Waterville not to be complicit and to take action. They should peacefully insist and persist until Isgro is removed.

We are all immigrants. Remember your own heritage and your ancestors’ struggles against prejudice, and fight against it now.

Do not kid yourself; no one is immune from hate; it simply depends on the goal of those at the top on any given day. I may be heading out but our children are not — honor them, as well as your ancestors. Do not allow those who revel in pitting one segment of society against another to win the day; come together in solidarity — a divided country cannot attain its potential.

Bless those who fight against the vile; they are the true heroes and heroines.

Leslie Poole


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