Gov. Paul LePage’s complete ignorance of the Constitution he is sworn to defend is an ongoing embarrassment to the state of Maine (“LePage blasts bank’s ‘discharge’ of Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro because of tweet,” April 8). Regarding Mayor Nick Isgro’s resignation or discharge from his job at Skowhegan Savings Bank, LePage claims it is not a “political issue,” but a “First Amendment issue.”

Anyone who paid attention during high school civics knows that the First Amendment does not apply to private organizations like Skowhegan Savings. The First Amendment states only that “Congress shall pass no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” The First Amendment applies to government actions only, not that of private employers. As for the alleged attacks from a “leftwing media,” I can only note that the media only reported the facts. What about the reporting of this incident is fake or false? Also, many people have lost their jobs for criticizing President Donald Trump, so facing the consequences of their actions is not confined to one side or the other.

Finally, the students at Parkland experienced something no one should have to see. Their experience has prodded them into political action to try to prevent such events from happening again. Many people disagree with the students, as is their right. What I don’t understand, though, is why their disagreement is expressed only in petty, juvenile statements and tweets like those of our mayor.

Behave like adults and show our youth what it is to have a civil civic debate in a great democracy on an issue of great importance.

James Hughes


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