For the third week, the newspaper has changed the way they are printing the TV listings. The first week, there was a note: “Moving forward, Thursday’s TV grid can be found on the entertainment page and weekday grids will be published on the appropriate day.” I wrote to the publisher, Lisa DeSisto, expressing my disappointment in how inconvenient I found the new truncated listing.

The next week, I wrote her again. Her response put the blame on the increased cost of newsprint as a result of “a U.S. government tariff on Canadian newsprint.”

I then went to my paper, and discovered that there were 24 pages in the May 17 edition, which sold at retail for $1.30, making the cost per page of 5.4 cents. Now that 5 cents pays not only for the newsprint it’s printed on but all the other associated costs in personnel, equipment, supplies, buildings, distribution, etc.

I wrote to the publisher requesting a cost breakdown of what proportion of the 5 cents was the actual cost of the newsprint — remembering that the newsprint was not free before imposition of the tariff. No response.

DeSisto had indicated that she would share my concerns with the newsroom so the newspaper can keep track of how many people did not like the change. With that in mind, if you other readers share my disappointment with change in the TV listings, please email DeSisto at with your opinion.

Harold Booth


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