Since I am a resident of Madison, I thought it would not be proper for me to comment on Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro. On second thought, however, since Isgro made a public comment about Florida resident David Hogg, it is right and just that I make a comment on him. The Waterville mayor was quoted as saying, “They told him that signing the petition (to recall Isgro) would allow him to be able to vote for me (Isgro) in an upcoming recall vote. Very, very deceitful,” Isgro wrote.

I call deceitful on Isgro. Under Maine law, signing a petition calling for a vote on an issue does not bind the signer to vote that issue up or down. It merely puts that issue on the ballot. If I sign a petition to put on a ballot the removal of a Madison selectman, and that petition suceeds in putting that on the ballot, when the question somes up on the next election, I may vote either to remove the selectman or I may vote not to remove the selectman. The same goes for any elected official. The petition seekers were one hundred percent correct in their statement.

What Isgro said to the reporter about the petition seeker being deceitful is clearly false. Since the mayor made such an egregious false statement, I guess that makes him the one being deceitful.

Peter P. Siriois


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