I want to urge all of the property tax-paying residents to vote to keep Mayor Nick Isgro in office. It is a proven fact on record that many times Mayor Isgro vetoed items that would increase our taxes in Waterville. Many on the City Council want to spend and spend without realizing that the money comes many times from increased property taxes to the Waterville residents.

One family I know that has been longtime property homeowners for over 40 years now have been forced to sell their home because of the already extremely high property taxes.

When Mayor Paul LePage left the position there was a healthy rainy-day fund, and within four month the balance was lowered to mere crumbs thanks to the administration and council. Perhaps it is time to look for a new city manager to turn Waterville around and lower property taxes.

Come out on June 12 to support and keep our Mayor Isgro in office. He has always been a champion for the longtime residents of Waterville.

Catherine Weeks


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