I’m a Mainer. Born, raised and lived here for 62 years. And I’m appalled.

Nick Isgro fully supported Colby’s city revitalization efforts and seemingly panders to Colby’s every whim. We endured photo after photo of the mayor in a suit walking with, smiling at, and cozying up to Colby president David Greene. He then used photos of himself and Greene to support his re-election bid.

Yet, to those fighting the mayor’s recall battle with and for him, Colby is the enemy. They threaten city councilors who work at Colby; they call for the removal of a city counselor who once went to Colby; and they cast aspersions on our former mayor who attended the college some 40 years ago.

So which is it, the smiling Isgro who all but handed Colby the key to the city, or the angry, self-righteous Isgro, willing to fight for some pretense of a Colby-free Waterville?

Maybe just bypass this nonsense altogether and join me and vote for an Isgro-free Waterville.

Ludger H. Duplessis


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