I met Terry Hayes in August 2013, when we both joined the Thomas College Accelerated MBA program. Back then, Terry was representing parts of Oxford County in the House and she shared her wealth of political knowledge with all of us in the cohort. I was immediately impressed by her problem-solving skills and her sincere belief in civility in politics. I continue to be impressed by her passion for doing things the right way, for the right reason.

Terry knows that to keep Maine strong and moving towards a better future, we need to put our state above our political parties. Throughout her career, Terry has built relationships with people in all parties from across our state, and it’s those connections that will allow Terry to bring civility back to Augusta.

As one of only three candidates in the gubernatorial race to qualify for Clean Elections funding, Terry understands that the future of Maine should be decided by Mainers, not by special interests. She will work for her us because she is one of us.

I’m supporting Terry because she believes in respect and courtesy — something I think has been missing from Maine’s politics for too long. If you’re looking for a governor with political experience and the ability to unite people across the aisle, look no further. You’ve found Terry.

Carly McCarthy


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