For the past 500-plus days, there has been a cancer in the White House, and it is certainly not benign. As a matter of fact, it has metasticized, and continues to grow unhindered. It envelops, strangles, or otherwise destroys everything it comes into contact with. Its name is Trump, and there is no other way to describe what it is — the ultimate destroyer of everything that is good and right in the United States of America.

Its symptoms are despotism, nepotism, delusion, nightmares, ignorance, stupidity, high morbidity and mortality, bigotry, megalomania, corruption, obstruction of justice, treason, and isolationism. It has a desire to become Soviet Russia’s strongest world ally, and a Putin “prince.” It is waiting to become America’s king — God Almighty, Father, and Holy Ghost.

And the sad state of American affairs is that there are many Trumpians who have perverted the Republican Party into something it was never meant to be and continue to follow his un-American lead. This appears to be a collusion of the “Far Right” political system and many — but not all — supporters who seem to blindly believe everything President Donald Trump and his syncophant cohorts say.

They are following these despicable delusions down a very dark and stormy road toward complete isolation from the best of a moral world.

Bill Harmon


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