How can this be OK? How can we only sit and complain about an unethical, amoral, uncompassionate administration in America? How come we are not enraged by the inhumanity of what is being done to families of those who may be a different color than us? That these families come from another country justifies separating them? How is it that a nation that says it supports family values can impose such cruelty?

Here is my take on it. The supporters of this cruelty will live in history as a self-centered group of individuals that have a limited ability of compassion and empathy. This is the blind following Donald Trump just because. Just because he is Republican. Just because Donald Trump, the corrupt billionaire, supposedly reflects regular people.

Just because we are tired of caring for others, so we just want to care for ourselves. Just because we are feeling left behind.

And it can go on and on.

But be warned — history will judge. Future generations of Americans will see what we have become to blindly follow this amoral man. So let’s be enraged and fight this wrong. America is better than this.

Jacqueline Fournier

Mount Vernon

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